Advisor Retreat – Attendees


Peter Eisenberger, PhD – Co-Founder

Graciela Chichilnisky, PhD – Co-Founder

Cory E. Smith – Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas Eisenberger – Founding Advisor

Rhys Daunic – Creative Development

David Shearer – Founding Advisor

Joel Daunic – Intergenerational Outreach

Matt Atwood – Founding Advisor

Ben Bronfman – Founding Advisor

Inaugural Retreat Advisors

Dr. Randy Baker – Holistic Doctor 

Brad Brereton – Institute Legal Counsel

Josaiah Cain – Performance Ecology & Urban Innovation

Paloma Cain – Insight Meditation 

Josh Cohane – Real Estate Developer, Brooklyn, NY

Dr. James R. Doty, MD – Director and Founder Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education as Stanford

Bobbi Dunphy – Social Entrepreneur

Susan Spinrad Esterly, Ph.D. – Psychologist, Advisor, Educator 

Peter J. Hammond – Economist, Stanford University

David Hodgson – Regenerative Planetary Economist

Daniel Lang – Inventor, philanthropist, polymath and entrepreneur

Al Olson – Journalist

Timothy o’Shea – Director at Cleanfish, Inc.

Jim Polk – Community Organizer, The Generation Connection, Inc.

Bill Richter – Non-profit Attorney

Mike Sesko – The Climate Corporation, Manager/Corporate Strategy

Bob Thompson – Marketing Strategist