An intimate interview with Prof. Peter Eisenberger, inventor of the global Thermostat’s direct air capture technology. Global Thermostat’s technology will enable us to fight the threat of climate change by drawing the excess CO2 out directly and efficiently out of the atmosphere while providing carbon as a valuable resource. Peter Eisenberger has been one of the loudest scientific voices indicating that energy supply needs to be equitably available for all mankind to avoid serious global conflicts.
In this Podcast The Elephant speaks to Peter Eisenberger the co-founder of Global Thermostat – one of the leading direct air capture companies in the world, about how we could create what Peter calls the renewable energy and materials related economy, how the current Coronavirus pandemic influenced his thinking on climate change, and why Peter is convinced that all organizations within the direct air capture sector need to cooperate to help accelerate the technology as quickly as possible.
Conference Sessions at EarthX: Transforming Climate Change from a Threat to an Opportunity, Session Moderator: Nicholas Eisenberger, Managing Partner, Pure Energy Partners, May 2020
EarthX Conference Sessions: Direct Air Capture of CO2 – Moderator: Amanda Ravenhill; Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky; Dr. Peter Eisenberger, Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky, Edgar Bronfmann Jr., Vijay Swarup, May 2020
Webinar on Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative: Webinar on Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative, April 2020

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