Mobilization Premise

Invite-only summit held in Elk, California or Virtually, July 20 – 23 of 2020

The understanding of what it will take to address the threat of climate change has been rapidly evolving and becoming more demanding with every year that passes without a coherent global response. Recently there has been a growing recognition of the need to act and the need to go beyond renewable energy and reduction of emissions. We need to include recycling of the carbon in our fuels and Removal of carbon from the air and it’s storage in our materials, thus establishing a Circular Carbon Economy that mimics nature’s carbon cycle.

The technologies for establishing a circular economy do exist, most notably Direct Air Capture (DAC). DAC will enable us to create a new Renewable Energy and Materials Economy (REME) that is in harmony with the environment. This way the human species needs for further development and the climate threat can both be met at the same time. But these technologies need to be developed and scaled in a time period dictated by the threat of climate change. While there are many notable efforts to address the climate change threat, no consistent plan has emerged. In fact a lot of efforts that cannot scale are competing for resources, with the competition both wasting resources and creating conflict between those who share the same objectives. People who assert that planting trees may not be useful for addressing the climate change threat, but supporting healthy forests, have had their lives threatened (​​). In fact the focus of many efforts on planting trees is emblematic of the current fragmentation of efforts, but it is by far not the only example. A major reason for the current fragmentation of efforts is that the climate crisis has been falsely characterized by many as the inevitable destructive result of humans technological progress, thus favouring so called natural solutions like planting trees and condemning Direct Air Capture solutions, which could industrially remove CO​2​ from the air as Moral Hazards,​ and demonizing the energy industry.

Why do we believe the Climate Change Mobilization Summit can make a meaningful difference worth your valuable time in the summer July 20-23 in beautiful Elk California? We believe that there are two reasons:

● The main premise for this Mobilization Summit is that we have misrepresented the current situation by using mainly negative messages to the public​ ​. Additionally institutions do not seem up to the task to mobilize a coherent response.
We propose a new positive vision for the future of a Renewable Energy And Materials Economy (REME) that is achievable with existing technology. REME not only can address the climate change threat but create a future in which human prosperity and equity grow in harmony with nature and create the future we all desire. A summary of REME is attached. A more detailed and quantitative description of REME and how the existing industrial sector can be part of the solution will be provided to attendees before the conference or can be requested separately.

● The right timing of the Mobilization Summit equipped with an innovative implementation strategy will get the message delivered in an effective manner. In addition to other platforms the TED Countdown Summit October 6-9, Bergen Norway, with its world-wide reach will provide an efficient reach for our report. This event will also be filmed for the content being used for a 6 part TV series on the Climate Threat. The report and film we produce will be introduced during Climate Week in September. Then, last but not least there is COP 26 November 9-19 in Glasgow, UK, where we will host events and get the report introduced into the workings of COP 26. And one should not forget, of course more locally there is the important US election resulting in possibly a new administration.

This is a crucial time for climate, because of the growing recognition that we cannot delay any more and thus need to mobilize our existing capabilities to scale them in a timely fashion.