Energy Equity Summit

Human development is defined as the process of enlarging people’s freedoms and opportunities and improving their well-being. A deeper look and one realizes that human progress arguably is based on energy availability and on knowledge. All basic needs as shelter, food, access to health care, and security can be provided when these two components are present. Knowledge and energy supply also enable us to innovate for a better future.   

Implicit and very plausible is that unequal access to energy and knowledge/education is associated with economic and social inequity. While the above analysis is by country similar results apply within a country or community. The divide between communities with access to affordable power and knowledge/education can be seen best in US communities of low income and color.    

The inputs to the renewable energy and materials economy (REME) being air, water, and sun, all of them globally equitably distributed, will give all stakeholders a more equitable opportunity to be self-reliant when it comes to energy supply. Such a transition will stimulate global economic growth while enhancing our ability to address the threat of climate change and therefore turning the catastrophic threat into an opportunity. The only important factor in this transition is to ensure a global transition to increased equity.               

One of the main objectives while transitioning will be the control over the negative aspects of technology development to ensure the transition will increase equity. Technology can enhance all forms of inequity by favoring the usual “suspects” when focusing on profit. The Elk Coast Institute for Mindful Innovation is based on the premise that one should design technology to create the world we want rather than adjusting to the world it enables.

A second important ingredient to equity is knowledge/education. Our global community will never find true equity and peace without giving each earthling access to education/knowledge besides clean & affordable energy supply. The access to education/knowledge will empower each one to reach their full potential.