Energy Equity Summit

We all know: “There is an opportunity “to build back better” as we address the threat of climate change.” The Elk Coast Institute proclaims, “let’s turn this threat into an opportunity to transition to a clean and abundant energy future resulting in true global equity. The climate change threat is a global threat that we can not address as single nations and stakeholders acting individually.”

Considering the linkage of clean energy and human development, the Elk Coast Institute is holding a Summit to revisit the overarching framework and make recommendations to ensure the energy transition can create a more equitable future globally, nationally, and at the level of each individual.

The Energy Equity Summit will feature two days of moderated interactive discussions to develop a radically accelerating Energy Equity plan. We urgently need a core enabling framework for the energy transition to address climate change and humanity’s energy needs. This event is an invitation-only, co-creation, and results-oriented dialogue prepared by leaders in working groups from technology, business, policy, finance, communications, and civil society well-positioned to help design a clean and equitable future and support its successful implementation.

We believe now is both an important and opportune moment to align around a compelling, positive vision and an actionable road map for a framework that addresses the threat of climate change and builds a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

Selected Speakers:

Carlota Perez, British-Venezuelan Economist

Edgar Bronfman, Endeavour Enterprises

Vijay Swarup, Vice President of R&D Exxon Mobil

The transition to abundant and clean energy was the central thesis of the Climate DAC Mobilization Summit held by the Elk Coast Institute in 2020.

We are looking forward to you participating in this critical discussion!