Rhys Daunic, Creative Development

Rhys has been corresponding with Dr. Eisenberger, Cory Smith, Joel Daunic, Dr. Ann Daunic and other advisors for nearly 2 years to help advance and articulate Eisenberger’s vision for ECI.  Through remote meetings and multiple visits to Elk, Rhys has collaborated on summative writing, and created the current ECI website to help form Eisenberger’s ideas into the framework of the institute that this advisory retreat will continue to flesh out.

At the retreat, Rhys will be capturing the big picture through video, floating between working groups to listen, capture new ideas, and contextualize them in the framework we have developed thus far.  He is particularly interested in the design of the online network that will nurture connections made in Elk, the role media production will play in the Open Source Innovation process and promotion of the Institute, and the development of satellite educational programs — including The Generation Connection, and the NASA GISS/Columbia Earth Institute programs he has collaborated with which will be represented at the retreat by Joel Daunic, Jim Polk, and Ryan Goble respectively.

Rhys is founder of The Media Spot, where he has consulted within the New York City Department of Education for the past 11 years to develop a framework for school innovation that extends traditional reading and writing to critical analysis of media, and thoughtful digital media production.  Rhys has been a Board Director of the non-profit National Association for Media Literacy Education since 2009, and adjunct faculty at Salzburg Academy for Media and Global Change, Columbia University Teachers College, and the University of Rhode Island Harrington School of Communication where he has specialized in the development of graduate and undergraduate courses, and project-based learning experiences where participants use digital media to document work they are immersed in as a way of metacognitively examining their processes, and presenting their work to desired audiences.