Earth scientists have begun to recognize a new geological era, the Anthropocene, to signify that our species has become a geological force, altering the future of the planet. Presently, the human race is facing unprecedented challenges to the conditions that sustain life on Earth and simultaneously allow for the advancement of global prosperity. Humanity is also facing unparalleled opportunities to rethink and redesign our relationship with each other and our planet and achieve a future in which our species and the earth flourish as never before.

Our evolving understanding of the human brain’s functionality provides insight into how to redesign our neural pathways through mindful changes to the environment and behavior to steer innovation towards maximum growth in human prosperity in harmony with natural ecosystems.

These circumstances call for us to direct our force as Earthlings toward meeting the environmental, economic, and cultural needs of a diverse and interconnected global population. 

Elk Coast Institute for Mindful Sustainable Innovation [ECI] is founded on the belief that meeting our present challenges requires deliberate disconnection from and reexamination of traditional modes of innovation. This will be initiated through immersion in nature, as ECI brings innovators with a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives into the coastal forests of Elk, California to reimagine a sustainable future guided by a framework of compassion and collaboration.

 ECI mentors who are proven innovators in environmental science, economics, art, media creation, and education, mindfulness practice, neuroscience, computer engineering, academia, politics, and global strategy will join students and emerging professionals to share current projects, experiences, and knowledge across disciplines and cultures as they discuss each others’ work. Innovative ideas are enlightened by the guiding framework, nurtured by continued brainstorming and collaboration through the ECI online network, and become actionable programs towards a sustainable future.

“We will harness human capability to co-evolve successfully with each other and the planet by reevaluating innovations within a framework of compassion, using the ECI network to nourish developments through the final stages of successful social implementation.”

-Dr. Peter M. Eisenberger

“The Elk Coast Institute will foster innovations designed to avoid human extinction in the era of the Anthropocene.”

-Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky