DAC Climate Mobilization II

The successful 1st DAC Climate Mobilization Summit’s outcome being an increased recognition and action to implement the recommendations has certainly exceeded all our expectations. However, at this critical moment, Climate policy needs are firmly anchored in science. There are several continuing areas of confusion that are hindering progress on Direct Air capture.

Therefore, we are planning the 2nd DAC Climate Mobilization Summit. What distinguishes its approach to mobilization is the focus on the critical role that Direct Air Capture can play in addressing not just climate change, but the need for a far more sustainable and equitable economic foundation for the future. 

Areas that need scientific backing:

1. The true size and timescale needed for CDR efforts and the role and relationship of Net Zero to achieving the needed effort

       a. The relevant emphasis needed on industrial-based CDR and natural solutions

       b. solutions that address both climate change and energy poverty and the potential role the fossil fuel industries should play

2. A carbon accounting system that distinguishes between avoided carbon, CO2 emissions reductions efforts generally, and CDR efforts that result in a true reduction in the CO2 content in the atmosphere 

At this time we are in the process of creating new content, statistics and models to ensure we have a scientific base for our recommendations. The Summit itself is set for August of 2021. If you are interested in participating please use the contact tab and we will make sure to include you once the invites go out.