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Dr. Peter Eisenberger

Dr. Peter Eisenberger is a renowned scientist, corporate research executive, business entrepreneur, and leading academic. He started his career at Bell Labs during its heyday, where he pioneered the use of particle accelerators to produce intense X-rays to conduct basic research on the fundamental properties of materials. Dr. Eisenberger was then recruited by Exxon following the oil shocks of the late seventies to lead their Physical Sciences R&D laboratory, where he led a team of international scientists looking at alternative energy technologies including solar energy.

Peter’s interest in Earth Sciences lead him to Princeton University, where he was appointed Professor of Physics and founded the Princeton Material Institute, which focused on multidisciplinary applied research in environmental technologies, among others. In 1996, Dr. Eisenberger joined Columbia University where he was appointed Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Vice-Provost, and founding Director of the Columbia Earth Institute and Director of the renowned Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory.

In 2006, he co-founded Global Thermostat, which has developed a unique technology for the capture of carbon dioxide from the air. Dr. Eisenberger holds degrees in physics from Princeton and Harvard.