Attendees Quotes

“I have been thinking about ECI ever since our memorable weekend all together. My sense is that ECI aims to bring humanistic values, principles, and practices to consciousness – empowering thought leaders and innovators to engage in a way that unearths their vast relational and collective intelligence. These forms of intelligence are generative, meaning that they add a synergistic energy that contributes to productive collaboration that is highly creative, unconventional, and unbound”.

Susan Esterly Ph.D, Transpersonal Psychologist, Palo Alto, CA

“A very awake workshop weekend. ECI is on a unique path, developing a forum to bring young innovators together cross pollinating with great minds fostering new types of thinking. Albert Einstein said: ‘a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels’. ECI will move us to higher levels”.

Randy Baker MD, Santa Cruz, CA

Barreling down Interstate 5 from Seattle headed to Elk, I kept asking myself ‘What am I getting myself into?

What would be my contribution to the greater good? How in the hell is this all going to work?’

I had read the materials on the website and had a few conversations with Cory Smith about the principles and core concepts that Peter Eisenberger eloquently presented.

I understood theoretically. But what would be the practical application? How could we earthlings manifest this destiny? How does mindful workshops in nature nurture innovation? Could we really save the planet?

I had read through the list of attendees and was struck by the diverse backgrounds and brainpower of the participants.

As a journalist, I was eager to observe how this stellar collection of academics, entrepreneurs and thought leaders would work together.

What happened on that following two days opened my eyes to the possibilities. The right people. The right time. The right motivation. The right place.

It’s not a movie or a reality show (although I can imagine the possibilities!). It’s not a cult. It’s not even a movement. It is the need to do something as earthlings to improve our planet.

It is within our collective power. And a foundation for a plan of action”.

Al Olson, Journalist, Seattle, WA

“Spectacular generosity, inspiring vision, and impeccable hospitality. I deeply appreciated the time spent with the institute, and I have been observing ripples of positive connection as this eclectic group of change-makers pollinate in the aftermath. Gary Snyder taught me that the ‘jewel at the heart of the lotus’ means the inside of a flower seeing the world, innocently, as it opens for the first time…”
Josiah Cain, Sherwood Engineers, CA

“I was revived in my expectation that something special might be possible coming to the founding meeting of Elk Coast Institute, in my drive through the deep route through the Redwoods as Beethoven’s 7th Symphony called out the promise of grand, sweeping possibilities.

Whether overwhelmed, weary, excited, or despondent I keep in mind the wisdom of Dr. Seuss in ‘the Lorax’ which ends with the lines:

‘…UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not”.

Tim O’Shea, CEO,

“I think therefore I am”…. a paradigm shift could happen with ECI and it could be…’We innovate therefore we thrive”

 Jim Polk, Inter-Generation Connection, TN