Peter Eisenberger, PhD – Global Thermostat Co-Founder and Managing Director, physicist, inventor, Professor at Columbia University

Graciela Chichilnisky, PhD – Global Thermostat CEO, IPCC advisor & Kyoto co-author, Professor at Columbia University


Matt Attwood, President, Algae Systems

Ben Bronfman, Philanthropist

E.J. Chichilnisky, Professor of Ophthalmology and , by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Nicholas Eisenberger, Managing Director, Pure Energy Partners

David Shearer, Ph.D., Full Circle Biochar, Roth Family, Cuffey’s Cove Ranch

Director of Creative development

Bobbi Dunphy – Producer

intergenerational outreacH

Joel Daunic – Founder of The Generation Connection

Rhys Daunic – Founder of The Media Spot

Legal Advisors

Brad Brereton, Santa Cruz, Ca. General Counsel

Bill Richter, Santa Cruz, Ca. Non-Profit Attorney

Douglas Marshall, Santa Cruz, Ca. Land Use Attorney

Local Support

Zean Moore – Technologist