Private cottages & Inns

  • Irish Beach – Irish Beach is a community of vacation homes, four miles South of the house, all perched on or near the coastal cliffs.  We are encouraging participates to remain emerged in think-groups throughout the event. There are 4-6 bedroom homes in Irish Beach and if you wish share a house with other invitees please notify us. We will reserve according to demand.
    Phone (707) 882-2467. The owner, Gordon, is a friend of the Eisenberger family.
  • Elk Cove Inn
    6300 S Highway 1, Elk CA , 707-877-3321
  • Griffin House
    5910 S Highway 1, Elk CA , 707-877-3422
  • Victorian Gardens
    14409 S Highway 1, Manchester, CA, 707-882-3606
NOTE: Child-care will be available at all retreat events
Currently Elk is experiencing a renaissance, many of the Inns are closed under new ownership and remodeling. Information on accommodations will be updated as necessary.
Please contact us with any questions.