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May 1, 2016

How does an organization as Elk Coast Institute generate the highest level of creative intellectual output from its participants? — By providing a connective platform integrating the vast inherent components of human nature and individual capacity – in a wild coastal environment to innovate and implement technology and ideas that enable humans to live in harmony with nature and with each other.

Varying generations, professions and interests are coming to the July ECI workshops, all with a mindset to create a better world environment. As well, there are varying accommodation styles during the workshops invitees can select from. The Eisenberger/Chichilnisky 160 acre coastal property has prime camping availability. Safari tents are available to rent subject to demand or you can bring your own gear. Many bluff side Inns and ocean view vacation homes are for rent along the coast that we will reserve in advance for attendees. Watch for updates on the Accommodations Page with current listings.

Lunch and dinners will be catered and hosted, please note all travel and accommodation expenses are paid by invitees.

Core advisors from the 2015 ECI workshops are returning for 2016 bringing additional participants deepening the scope of the workshops. Friday 15th  beginning at 11am is arrival meet/greet day with a catered dinner, cocktails and sunset. Also enjoy hiking, swimming and hot tubing on the property. The workshops begin Saturday morning July 16th and will be complete late afternoon Sunday July 17th with a stylistic north coast finish at the 1600 acre coastal Roth Ranch and casual early dinner.

There will be three workshop Groups. Each group leader will synthesize their work for Group summary presentations Sunday and further discussions. The outcome of this work will help to lay the operational foundation for ECI. We will send out more specific information on Group descriptions and sign up.

Invitees are welcome to arrive several days early with a relaxed departure several days after Sunday 17th.

The mindful innovative thinking methods being developed for ECI by Dr. Peter Eisenberger is a fluid integration of process united with  awareness. Think of a -teaching method- Peter developed at Princeton University coupled with a Blue Mind (see below) affect of the Elk coast.

MSI – Mindful Sustainable Innovation – is the replicated  thinking method operational today in Global Thermostat as experienced by Dr. Peter Eisenberger.

Many years ago while on the Elk coast, Peter had all the intellectual components of the technology that is today Global Thermostat, but the pieces were not fusing together in an innovative way. In thought and surrounded by water, (Pacific Ocean and hot tub) Peter had the “aha” moment and the technology for Global Thermostat came to light.

Immersion in nature has always been an important part of Peter’s life, establishing a reset-button for connection within him. Decades ago Peter was drawn by the harmonious and profound collision of wild ocean, rivers, forests and mountains on the Elk coast. In further of recent, the work by Wallace J. Nichols, PhD, author of Blue Mind, resonated with Peter, bringing additional focus to the process of mindful sustainable innovation. J. Nichols’ Blue Mind brings us the science of the profound effect of water on our bodies and our souls and nature more generally; and of course our thinking. Wallace J. Nichols will be joining us for the July workshops, so please familiarize yourself with his book prior to the workshops and check out his Blue Mind Six Event May 15th-18th in Asilomar, CA.

As a group, we will enjoy nature with good food, hikes, poetry, Fred Talks, (8 min TED talks), music and art …  cross-pollinating our minds and spirits …. a harmonious collision of scientists, economists, political thinkers, researchers, entrepreneurs, financiers, journalists, artists and musicians, —  innovators of the human spectrum.  

Please watch for a continuous stream of information emails and requests, and please participate in forthcoming workshop online threads.

In gratitude,

Elk Coast Institute
For Mindful Sustainable Innovation


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