Bob Thompson, Marketing Strategist

Bob Thompson is a uniquely diverse and creative marketing professional with proven expertise in virtually every aspect of sports marketing, event management and strategic planning.

He is widely recognized for his insightful and game-changing work on such premier sports properties as the National Hockey League, Winter Olympics, U.S. Open Tennis Championships, PGA & Champions Tours, NYC & Boston Marathons, and scores of other prestigious events – most recently, repositioning and rebranding the Army-Navy Football Game (”America’s Game”) for its current resurgence and renewed relevance.

For over 25 years, the consulting firm Bob created, Thompson Marketing (TMI), handled every major event for client Mercedes-Benz, USA (some 400+ auto shows, sports events and cultural events annually). Providing the strongest testimony to its world-class reputation, TMI was ultimately acquired by global marketing giant Omnicom.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Bob brings an ethical standard to his work that is both extraordinarily effective and morally refreshing. He serves his clients well: He delivers on commitments and develops creative solutions that endure. In fact, many beneficiaries of Bob’s big-idea, strategic thinking will continue to reap high-powered branding impact, and multi-million dollar annual revenue increases, well into the future. And that is all by design.