Conversations around ECI Terms

Below are excerpts from conversations between Dr. Eisenberger and friends of ECI:

“Sustainability is desirable in the context of being able to implemented without having a negative impact on the environment or on humanity. However sustainability is often used to suggest that it is the current earth – human system that one is trying to sustain. where as mindful innovation has a higher objective of designing innovations that have a higher goal of creating a better future for the planet and its habitant, that will be sustainable in terms of how they operate.”

“…what is most critical in my opinion is to be able to educate our species towards the mindset that following the Golden Rule and practicing compassion is the key to our future success.

“Our Darwinian past with its eat or be eaten reality from which our species emerged as the most fit no longer will serve us well. Saying this more positively: it has always been the cooperation part and development of trust enabled by the Golden Rule and Compassion (think in the modern day of King, Gandhi, and Mandela) that has been at the core of our success as species. We hunted bigger animals successfully because we cooperated rather than as a result of becoming physically stronger. So this is not really new for our species just a new stage – on the final global scale.”

“…the goal of ECI is to enable mindful innovators to help us use our powerful knowledge to live sustainably with our planet and one another.”

The Global Thermostat Narrative

Watch Peter’s uncut video with Vice Media where he explains the Global Thermostat narrative (password: peter)

The Global Thermostat narrative as an offshoot of a Framework for Mindful Sustainable Innovation: Closing the CO2 cycle: “We spent many years refining our respective analysis and then one day it occurred to us that Closing the Carbon Cycle was a necessary step for our species to live in harmony with the planet… The main point is we had no idea how to capture CO2 from the air when we started.” “…Matt Atwood and John from Algae Systems  were thinking in a system manner about how to use the captured CO2 to in a new human-designed ecosystem that uses the best of our knowledge for long term beneficial impact.

  • GT captures CO2
  • AS uses excess CO2 to grow Algae
  • no competition for land resources: grown on the sea
  • minimize water demand: produce clean water by feeding waste water
  • useable byproduct: biochar to replenish soils and sequester more CO2
  • process in line with current car use

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