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Eisenberger/Chichilinsky Property

Eisenberger/Chichilinsky Property

Eisenberger/Chichilinsky Property (AKA “House”): 9961 South Highway 1 Elk, CA 95432

Gate Combo: 2323

The trip from the Bay Area to the House in Elk is approximately 150 miles and usually takes about three hours by the inland route. There is also a coastal route, all along Route 1, which is extremely beautiful but also extremely curvy. To get there by the inland route, follow the directions below (see also the yellow dots on the map on page 4 above). For the coastal route, we recommend using Google Maps (but essentially, you go up Route 1 for 140 miles north of the Golden Gate and turn right at our address above).
The house is approximately 5 miles south of the town of Elk.
The green gate private entrance is located at the top of the south end of the steep curvy grade of Elk Creek canyon.
The gate area will be marked so you will notice. Once again – Gate Combo: 2323.  Proceed up the road 150 meters and turn left on the first driveway and follow to house.  Park on right along the trees just before the in-close house parking area.

Roth Ranch

Cuffey’s Cove

Inland Route: Take Route 101 North about 80 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Route 128 North exit at Cloverdale (Do not get off at 128 South, which crosses 101 North well before you hit the town of Cloverdale)

The drive is on 128 North is very pretty, taking you through the Anderson Valley, an up-and-coming wine growing region. You might want to stop for a wine tasting at Breggo Winery (our favorite winery, founded by our friend Doug Stewart) or at our favorite fruit stand to stretch your legs (Gowan’s, near Navarro). Stop in Boonville for gas if you need it (no gas in Elk). Option A: Take Route 128 North for about 55 miles until it ends on the coast at U.S. Highway 1; Turn left (South) on Route 1 towards Elk. This route is slightly longer, but much less curvy.

Option B: Take Route 128 North for approximately 36 miles and turn left on the Philo-Greenwood Road. From there it’s 17 miles up and over the ridge to Route 1 on the coast, which you will hit approximately 1/10 of a mile South of Elk (turn right on Route 1 to go to the general store or to check out the town, or turn left on Route 1 to go to the house and Irish Beach).

From the town of Elk (which you will pass through 6 miles South of the 128/Route 1 intersection in Option A, or you’ll hit directly at the end of the Philo-Greenwood Road in Option B), the house is about 4 miles South off Route 1, down and up two river valleys. As you come up out of the second valley (Elk Creek), you’ll climb a series of steep switchbacks (very noticeable). As you top out onto the plateau, our driveway is immediately on your left. The gate should be open, but if it is not, the gate code is 2323 (please do not share).

Take the drive up the hill (Steep! Use low gear) until you see a driveway on your left (9961) Follow driveway up to the house. Please park where indicated in the field above the house.


  1. Once again, there is no gas station in Elk!  I highly recommend you fill up in Boonville on your way up so you don’t have to stress about this when you’d rather be hanging out.
  2. Contact us for the gate code