Core Concepts

Our program design will incorporate the following core concepts:

  • Inclusion of participants from a diversity of ages, career stages, disciplines, nationalities, and ethnicities
  • Immersion of participants in a natural environment to disconnect from traditional work patterns and allow new modes of thinking
  • Recognition of the complicated ecology of science, environment, compassion and free market economics
  • Ongoing reflection and input about the impact of ECI structure and programming from the diverse points of view of our participants
  • Combining compassion with market-driven competition
  • Fostering and maintaining mentoring relationships between experienced innovators and promising young entrepreneurs or early career professionals through shared experiences in Elk, return visits, and an online network for questioning, collaborating, and providing the support needed for successful implementation
  • Recognition of research indicating that mindful connection to nature, mentorship, open source collaboration, and exposure to a diversity of perspectives have positive impacts on innovation
  • Harnessing our rapidly evolving understanding¬†of neuroplasticity¬†to influence thinking by mindful changing of environment and behavior
  • Utilizing the power of metacognition